The LaserPET(tm) (Personal Electronic Target) I and II, are standalone laser activated reactive targets, that will dramatically enhance your shooting skills with immediate feedback for each shot. The LaserPET(tm) allows any level of shooter to practice response & draw time, accuracy, reloads and much more, with up to six interactive training programs helping the shooter to practice the five fundamental drills set by the NRA, by engaging a target anytime, anywhere. The LaserPET(tm) can keep track of hits, act as a shot timer and assist the shooter to speed up his or her follow-up shots and reload times. The LaserPET(tm) gives the shooter instant audio and visual feedback when a hit occurs on the easy-to-read screen which displays hits and reaction times. Perfect to use with the SureStrike(tm) Laser Cartridge to improve your skills and marksmanship with any firearm. Precision shooters, long-range shooters and hunters can practice their accuracy indoors and even in a shaded outdoors. The LaserPET(tm) includes a set of five target cards for a changeable hit zone, tripod and AAA batteries.

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LaserPETTM II Electronic Target
* Six interactive training programs
* Shot Timer for up to 6 hits
* Score display in Split or Elapsed Time
* User defined settings for sound, delay, shot
number and more
* Bright 4 Digit Numeric Led Display
* Flash and Sound feedback for each shot
* For Indoor & Shaded Outdoor Use
* Changeable Hit Zone Size From 0.5” To 1.8“
* Battery power level indicator
Powered by 2x AAA batteries (included) or external
Micro USB charger (not included)
Compatible w/ Red and IR SureStrikeTM Lasers only
(SureStrikeTM Laser NOT included)


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